Our Team Behind Flat White Cafe

One of the things that make Flat White Cafe unique is the team behind all the information that you read. It is a team dedicated to delivering the most accurate and well-researched in-depth details about coffee beans, products, and the brewing process, among other things.

Flat White Cafe Editorial, Customer Service, and Marketing Team

The majority of the work at Flat White Cafe falls under the editorial team. The team is responsible for research work, writing, reviewing articles, fact checking, and publishing all the information. The team is also responsible for ensuring that reviews on equipment, coffee beans, and brewing guides are easily readable and understandable to the readers.

Alex Carter –Community Manager and Barista


Before I became a coffee enthusiast, I worked as an architect. Besides being a good architect, I was also in love with writing and editing, and I did that when I was not busy designing buildings and roads. In the year 2000, I quit my architect job to go into writing as a full-time job. Writing was very challenging for me considering that I was doing it full time for the first time. To keep up my stamina, I started drinking regular coffee. I thought I was okay with it until a friend started bringing me a cuppa every morning from the local coffee shop. It was unlike other regular cups of coffee I took. I was hooked and I got better at writing. Go Figure!

During my work as the community columnist with the local media company, I also got a chance to travel to several countries. I took lots of coffee during my travels, and each place I visited had different types of beans with a rich history behind each type. I learnt about the coffee cycle of making the best beans and specific coffee brewing styles for each type.

I got used to appreciating good coffee that I could no longer stand Nescafe. I later joined the Flat White Cafe tea as the community manager and expanded my knowledge on different coffee beans and modes of brewing. I continue to learn and share all my experiences and research findings with other people.



John Mark –Video Content Creator, Barista, and Roaster,

John Mark

My family and I love traveling to many countries all over the world. During our travels, I love taking videos and photographs of all the beautiful places we visit. My wife and I also happen to be great lovers of well-brewed coffee. I especially love watching the art of making coffee from grinding the beans to tasting the drink. My love for coffee dates many years back when I was still in college. Back then, what first caught my attention was an espresso machine that I thought worked like magic. When I joined Flat White Cafe as the in house videographer, I came along with all the experience I had for coffee that went back to several decades ago. I know everything about coffee, which includes roasting, buying the beans, quality control, being a barista to even owning my coffee brewing small business back at home. I still travel and take just as many videos as I used to when I was younger.



Vincent Graham– Barista, Roaster, and Video Content Creator

Vincent Graham

Another coffee enthusiast in our team is Vincent Graham, who, like Alex, loves to travel and record all his adventures. He is passionate about food, wine, and best of all, coffee. Through his travels all over Europe and North America, Vincent found out that brewing coffee is very interesting, with some countries coming close to worshiping a well-brewed cup of coffee. His first great tasting coffee from outside his hometown was an Italian mocha. Since that classic coffee pot, Vincent has never looked back. He documents and interviews roasters from different parts of the world and shares his findings with his readers.



Jason Gray –Writer, Researcher, Marketing

Jason Gray

Jason is what one would call a jack-of-all-trades. From the time he left college, Jason has worked in several companies in sales and marketing. He is also an avid traveler and very passionate about coffee. Away from his sales and marketing tasks, John sits down to write about coffee. He did it back then, and he still does the same to-date.

Today, he works with Flat White Cafe as a researcher and a writer. He still travels to many countries collecting data about coffee beans, coffee equipment, and different brewing techniques. For Jason, an adventure is not complete without a great-tasting cup of coffee



Janet Mowry –Head Of Marketing 

Janet Mowry

Ever since her graduation from university, Janet has worked in several organizations under various titles. She is also one of the most traveled persons in the team of Flat White Cafe baristas. Her love coffee dates back to 2009 after a visit to Bali, Indonesia. The coffee she tasted that one morning saw her traversing the island to learn more about coffee brewing. Today, Janet is a great barista, head of the Flat White Cafe marketing department, and a writer. Her passion for continues to grow with each passing year and her travels take her to more places with more exciting coffee stories.



MaryJane Vogh – Customer Service, Writer, Barista

MaryJane Vogh

When MaryJane moved back home from England where she worked in a 5-star hotel in the customer care department, she joined her family in the running of their coffee house. MaryJane has always been good with people. She also knows that the curiosity surrounding coffee is something she loves to demystify. She knows about coffee tools. She knows everything there was to know about beans. She knows about the best brewing processes. She knows what it takes to create your own coffee shop in the comfort of your home so you never have to go to queue for it elsewhere. She knows which equipment goes with every type of coffee.  Flat White Cafe was and is still lucky to have MaryJane in their customer service team. Her knowledge for everything coffee is out of this world and she is always ready to answer and guide all our readers to the right direction.

The above are just a fraction of the complete team at Flat White Cafe. Read more about coffee brewing, coffee equipment, and different brewing techniques by visiting our website. You can also read about the rest of the team that makes Flat White Cafe tick by checking out our website.