Our Review Process

The main agenda of Flat White Cafe is to provide you with the most current, objective, and useful information on everything to do with coffee. The information we provide you with includes everything about the various and best coffee equipment in the industry, and the most comfortable coffee brewing techniques to approach from the comfort of your home.

We believe we are at a high pace to offer this because we have excellent review methods that we continue to improve. Besides that, we also have a team that knows everything there is to know about coffee, its history, and equipment.

We also keep up with the changing times in the coffee industry by improving our review process continuously. In short, as we grow professionally, so does our site, which ensures you stay afloat with what is happening at all times.coffee-review


Our Coffee Beans Review Process

Before we print out any article dedicated to coffee beans, we ensure that everything we put down is 100% factual. We always buy the coffee beans and test them before writing the review process. Being the closest people to our review process is the only way to ensure that you get only, that coffee that is legit and genuine. Below is our complete coffee beans process.

  1. Coffee beans come in different categories. We have coffee beans for decaf or French press, among other types. The first thing we do in our review process is to determine the class of the coffee bean we are dedicating the review.
  2. We do not focus on just one product, so the next step in our process is to select several products for review.
  3. We use our own money to buy all the products sent for review.
  4. We carry out our coffee tasting process to be extremely confident that the information we give out about the taste of the coffee is correct. We use the same cooking method for different coffee beans, which provides us with the best ability to compare density, aroma, taste, and other hidden qualities.
  5. We do not stop with our findings, but we complement our research and study with opinions from different people from all lifestyles. Reviews from other people make a huge difference, which is why we search for them.
  6. For every product that we review, we give you all its features and add our impressions on its strengths and weaknesses. Doing this helps you to make a better decision on whether you should buy the product or go for another one.
  7. We rank and rate the effectiveness and potency of the products according to how we view them after the whole process of preparation, tasting, cost, and more.
  8. Our Coffee Beans Review Process takes long time, but it is worth the time taken, as it is the only way to provide you with the most dependable results.

Our Coffee Equipment Review Process

At Flat White Cafe, we take into consideration that it is almost impossible to afford each product, considering technology on the products is immense, and way more than our budget can meet. Below is our review process on coffee equipment.

  1. We first choose the coffee equipment that we want to review. The stuff we choose for review ranges from electric grinders, espresso machines, and many more.
  2. We use every available resource such as YouTube videos, customer reviews, and info from other sites to carry out thorough research on the product.
  3. We compare and supplement our research findings with our own practical experience with the equipment of the review process.
  4. We then select ten of the best products to feature on the equipment review. In some cases, we feature less than ten products, but we try to keep the analysis of ten products to the most.
  5. We do not only write the name of the product, but we go further to give all the intricate details that include reviews, a buying guide, pros, cons, our verdict, and frequently asked questions to help you in making the best decision when choosing the equipment you want.

How You Can Be Part Of The Review Process

We try to build the best relationship with you by being completely honest and transparent. We also appreciate the same honesty from you, which is why we ask for your comments after reading our articles.

You can also participate more by reaching us via email with all the feedback you have on our reviews. Praise and criticism from our users are all significant as they guide us in the right direction to take with the discussions. Ideas offered to us turn into reviews that help other people too. We also try as much as possible to listen and answer all questions asked about the equipment reviews.

Our Data Collection Method

Just as you appreciate reading accurate information, we also value the same, which is why we collect all the coffee data personally. We buy our coffee beans, do all the tasting without using any expert tasters and then follow up our findings by writing the reviews,

If you go through our website, you will notice that our reviews on coffee beans are on the same level as that on coffee equipment. We do not review anything not tested by us because we know relying only on other people's views can give false sentiments. We strive to be honest about everything we put out here.

How We Rate the Products

The rankings of the products that we review depend on our general assessment. We only select the best products from a range of many others, and below are the factors that we consider when rating and ranking.

  • Quality of the product
  • Demand by the customer
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the product
  • Cost

We compare one product with another, taking into account all the factors that make them different or the same. Higher ratings go to the products that we feel solve coffee problems more accurately and fast.