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Coffee Bar Ideas

If you love brewing your coffee at home rather than queue for it in coffee shops and cafes, then you should ensure that you have an appealing coffee station in your home. Coffee making can be messy. The only way to avoid the mess is by organizing all your essential coffee accessories in an orderly manner.

One of the best ways of doing so is by having a unique coffee bar in your kitchen, dining room, living room, or any other room in and around your home. You can do so by using different items such as cabinets, carts, or side tables.

In this article, we give you some of the best coffee bar ideas that will transform your space into a coffee place you can gladly enjoy and even show off to your visitors.

8 Best Coffee Bar Ideas

1.The Ultimate Coffee Bar

Ultimate Coffee Bar

A space in your kitchen or lounge can turn into a great coffee bar with a few additions here and there. Some of the things you can revamp a space for a coffee bar to entertain your friends and family include installing shelves, a side counter, and a few bar chairs. You can also use the coffee bar to serve other beverages besides coffee.

2.Convert Empty Closet Space

Convert Empty Closet Space

If you have an empty closet space in your kitchen, you can convert it into a coffee bar without necessarily adding a counter or an extra room. Create space for coffee mugs, coffee jugs, your coffee maker, and other essentials. You can also add tea or other beverages for the friends and family that do not take coffee.

3.Coffee Cart

Coffee Cart

A drink cart that you can use as the perfect coffee bar, day or night, is my favorite idea of my space. A cart will always star in fashion no matter how modernization and technology catches up with us. The dual-purpose drink cart is large enough to store your coffee mugs, coffee ingredients, and all other accessories needed for nightcaps and morning brews.

You can also choose from a wide selection of different coffee carts such as a day to night mobile coffee cart, a multi-purpose mobile cart with ready-made coffee in easy to pour pitches and many more.

Modern Coffee Bar

4.Modern Coffee Bar

Turn a Desk into a Coffee Space

If you have modern home furniture and home decor that blends with your home, you should incorporate a coffee station that aligns well with the aesthetics of your home décor. You can add a coffee space with sleek canisters, geometric prints, faux greenery, and complementary colors that go well with walls and house décor.

5.Turn a Desk into a Coffee Space

Turn a Desk into a Coffee Space2

If you have a reading desk that you no longer use, you can finally use it by turning it into the perfect coffee bar. You can start by repainting it to match your kitchen paint and décor, install one or two shelves for your coffee mugs, a place for your mini coffee maker, and other coffee accessories. The simplicity and uniqueness of the new look personal mini coffee bar will also add charm to your kitchen.

6.Grab-And –Go


You can also create space in your kitchen or dining room for a grab-and-go coffee bar for your guests and family that do not have the time to sit and enjoy their coffee. Stock the bar with all the coffee essentials that include mugs, a coffee maker that comes with a simple brewing process, cream or milk jar, sugar dish, and all other tools needed for fixing a quick Cup of Joe on the go.

A grab-and-go coffee bar is especially great for those that leave the house in a hurry but not without their cup of coffee and for early risers that have to start their day with a cup of coffee before going back to their room to finish dressing.

7.Decorative Mug Display

Decorative Mug Display

If you want to add both color and charm to your kitchen, you can start by incorporating a coffee space for patterned and decorative coffee mugs. It would even be better if you stacked the space with handmade mugs with colorful paper straws that compliment your kitchen décor. The color infusion will also have your visitors thrilled to enjoy a Cup of Joe in your kitchen standing next to the colorful coffee space.

8.Customizable Coffee Bar

Customizable Coffee Bar

You can also customize a cabinet in your kitchen, living room, or dining room to create a space for your coffee essentials. You use the customized space only when you need it for coffee and close it when you do not use it. Using the customized space only when you need it, you avoid cluttering your kitchen or dining room area. The different ways to customize a unique coffee space are by using built-in cabinets that have swing doors. You can also use cabinets with roller blinds. Make the coffee space look even more appealing, by having a nook on the tip of the cabinet fitted with lights, or use a lamp to give the space more spark and life.

Other Things to Include In Your Coffee Bar

A coffee bar would not be complete without the following things:

  • Napkins – you can choose to have plain, decorated, handmade, or designer ones
  • A carrying coffee tray
  • Coffee and sugar bowls
  • Coffee beans glass jars for a more distinctive touch
  • Succulent flowers to add life to the coffee space
  • Vase of flowers for tranquility
  • Optional special lighting for more charm and uniqueness

Wrapping it up

The above ideas are some of the most popular tools to create the best coffee bar spaces in your home. The kitchen is not the only place where you can set up the coffee ideas. You can use the living room, the dining room, or even enjoy some coffee time at the patio or garden with the mobile coffee carts.

If you are one of those people that have to work with a cup of coffee by the side, you can also create the same coffee bar spaces in the office for relaxed coffee moments with colleagues and visiting clients or friends. You can also create a home office if you work from the house and have a unique coffee bar by your side for that moment that you want to take a coffee break.

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