About Us

Before we started this journey, we did not know very much about coffee brewing. Even the big coffee names seemed intimidating at the time. Twenty years ago, our interest in coffee brewing, and the need to learn different coffee names saw us start Flat White Cafe. Since then, the love we have for coffee has grown in bounds, making the perfect resource to empower all coffee lovers on how to brew and enjoy the best quality coffee without going out to source for it.


At the time we were starting, we realized that there were not many options for specialty coffee, especially in our hometown. It is for this reason that our team of passionate and enthusiastic coffee hobbyists set out to learn about all the beautiful things that make coffee tick. We carry out extensive research, test different coffee beans from various parts of the world, and educate the masses on what they need to do to brew the best coffee.

We also realized that there is a lot of misinformation about brewing coffee at home, with some people assuming that they need a trained barista for the perfect tasting coffee. We aim to simplify coffee making techniques to ensure that you brew your own without hiring a barista from the comfort of your home.

We are also an accredited member of the specialty coffee association and do everything by the laid down regulations.

To you and us, coffee is not just a drink you smell in the morning but a lifestyle and passion. Coffee is something that you should enjoy drinking, to not only quench your thirst or take care of your hunger pangs. It is for this reason that we want to help you to forget about all the misinformation and noise that you read and watch surrounding online coffee. Flat White Cafe will do everything to inspire, educate, and make your relationship with coffee better by improving your brewing skills.

Just like many of you, our founder and director of Flat White Cafe Brewing Company, Danny Hills, began his coffee brewing journey by trial and error methods. Not everything he was learning online was providing him with the kind of homemade coffee he wanted. After concluding that many online learning courses lacked the kind transparency he needed, Danny set out to carry mote research from more informed coffee barista communities. The move saw the birth of Flat White Cafe Coffee twenty years ago and every year has been better than the last since then.

Over the years, Danny found other coffee enthusiasts, and together, they formed a barista organization with the sole purpose of educating willing home barista lovers on the art of brewing tasty coffee without spending money on professional training or going through the unhelpful online noise.

Our Mission

To ensure that you learn how to brew quality coffee from the comfort of your own home without spending any amount on hiring a professional barista.

Our Values


Love For Coffee

Like many other people out there, our passion for coffee is immense. We start by loving coffee in its original form-black coffee. It is through the taste of black coffee that we learn to appreciate the bean's place of origin. We believe that with black coffee, you get all the characteristics that make it stand out from milk-based and instant coffee. Some of the traits that make black coffee tick are history, taste, and aroma.

Passion For What We Do

For us, the coffee brewing process is as much a passion as it is an art, which makes us enjoy the process much more than we love the coffee itself. We do not consider brewing coffee from the comfort of your home as cost-saving but as a step to getting the real feel and kick of caffeine. We source, roast, grind, and brew coffee daily, which is a ritual we cherish as it provides us with the satisfaction we crave for in good caffeine.

Passion For More Knowledge

We do not stop researching and learning, which is what, makes us stay relevant and ahead of many others in the coffee brewing industry.

Respect And Love For The Eco-System

We strive to keep the environment as safe as we can, which is why we do not advocate for, use K-Cups, or Pod machines. We are aware of the damages that wasteful methods of coffee brewing can do to the environment, which is why do our best to create lasting sustainability by reducing the negative impact

Our Support For Farmers

We are also aware that without the coffee farmers and workers, we would not be living our dream, which is why we pay recognition and support them for their input.

Contact Us

We are at your service anytime you need us. We have a customer care service that answers all your questions and guides in everything you need to know about brewing and coffee equipment 24/7. All you need to do is email to [email protected] with your comment or question, and we will get back to you.