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Are you looking for ways to make the best tasting coffee like a barista?

Do you want never to drink low quality coffee and only have the best tasting brew that matches that brewed by a professional barista?

If your answer is yes, we will help you live your dream by providing you with information on how to make great tasting coffee and where to find the best flavors.

Further, we also recommend the best coffee equipment after a thorough review process.

By Danny Hills– Resident Editor-in-Chief Of  Flatwhitecafe

Who Are We?brewing-coffee

It is a team dedicated to delivering the most accurate and well-researched in-depth details about coffee beans, products, and the brewing process, among other things.




All the content on our website aims at providing you with all the coffee awareness you need. It helps you to change the view you have about coffee and start seeing it in a positive light.

Even better, the content aims at arming you with more knowledge about coffee brewing techniques, different kinds of coffee beans in the industry, and the most fantastic coffee equipment in the market, so that you can become a coffee barista without moving from your home.

To get going, the website has all the information you need on the best coffee beans, the best coffee makers, the most excellent espresso machines, and much more.


The language we use is simple, which makes it easy to understand for novices that do not understand much about coffee. It has enough details for the professional barista too.

We also create easy to read product manuals for our customers to help them avoid making any mistakes with their coffee making and drinking. We also base all our reviews on the most in-depth reviews.

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We believe that everything good happens over a good tasting cup of coffee, and we will ensure that you never have to drink bad coffee that would otherwise spoil the best moments of your life.

Our focus is to give you apt and concise information on the best coffee equipment, and high-quality coffee, accessible to people from all lifestyles


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